Jeune Twin Set Pattern by SewPony

The newest pattern is out by sewpony and it is the sweetest Jeune Twin Set Pattern. All of sewpony's patterns have a vintage vibe to them, while at the same time being beautifully modern. I know her patterns are impeccable so I jumped at the chance to join her for a Jeune Instagram tour.

I made the plain top without a collar and angled back and skirt in a size 4 with no modifications and the fit and proportions were just perfect. The fabric is a cotton lawn from Cotton + Steel's Rifle Paper Co Amalfi line of fabric, which will be perfectly lightweight and breathable for the blazing summer we have ahead of us. Because the fabric is so lightweight and light in color, I did add a gauze lining into the skirt so no undies would see through.

My girl and I loved this pattern and her final look!

The pattern has been released in both English and Dutch and through May 12th you can get 10% discount with the code JEUNETOUR. 

Swimsuit Sewing 101

This is the year that you are finally going to make all those swimsuits for summer! And if you're feeling unsure if you can, this course is for you!

In Swimsuit Sewing 101, I break down the process of sewing a swimsuit into five steps. I have made hundreds of swimsuits in my lifetime, many I sold and many (probably too many) I've made for my girls and myself. I love that once you get the hang of sewing a swimsuit, it becomes a relatively quick project using a small amount of fabric. And once you get the basics down, you can get more creative with different two-piece option, frills, ruffles, high waists, and much more!


The best part, I'm sharing my tried and true girl's one piece pattern, the Poolside Swimsuit, with my sewing community for FREE. It comes in girl's sizes 2-12 and is a great base pattern to start your swimsuit sewing adventure. Just subscribe to my mailing list and the pattern will automatically be sent straight to your inbox. Not sure where to subscribe? Here's a spot...

Included with the pattern are basic sewing instructions, but I highly recommend that beginners watch the Swimsuit Sewing 101 Video Tutorial (at top of post) to give you more in-depth direction. Especially the section on attaching elastic (Step Four) as I show you an easy and straightforward way to do it. I've broken down the video into the five different steps that you will find in the pattern, although these steps are helpful to watch when sewing any pattern.



Where do you like to buy swimwear fabric?

Mood Fabrics has the best quality swimwear fabric called tricot. It is the softest, sturdiest, stretchiest, and so smooth to sew with. I can't praise it enough.

Spoonflower carries a Sport Lycra that is perfect for swimwear and is amazing quality. And of course Spoonflower's amazing choice of prints cannot be beat. This is the priciest option though ($32 a yard!)

The Fabric Fairy has so many great options and is much more reasonably priced! At this time they have over 400 swimwear fabrics to choose from.

Etsy also will have lots of options, price ranges, and unique finds.


Why are you sharing your pattern for FREE?

I debated about selling my swimsuit pattern but ultimately decided my goal at this time is to build a community. A community of kids who love to sew and of adults who love sewing for kids and themselves with a modern vibe. That's not to say that at some point in the future I won't sell any patterns.


Will you show us how to add extras and customize these suits? Also, what about women's suits?

I am currently planning out some extra courses to help take your swimsuit sewing beyond the 101 level. Like how to create two-pieces, add frills or ruffles, etc. The options are endless and so fun! I am also planning a course specifically for woman's suits too.


Where can I share what I've made?

It would absolutely make my day to be tagged and get to see your Poolside Swimsuits! You can tag us @threadsewingschool or #threadsewingschool or #poolsideswimsuit . I'd also love to feature you and your makes!


Are you sure I can sew a swimsuit?

YES! The slippery and stretchy swimwear fabric can seem daunting and attaching elastic may intimidate you, but try out this course and see if it doesn't boost your confidence and break down the steps easy enough for you. Also, all those girls in the photo above made their own suits so I'm pretty sure YOU CAN TOO!

Pattern Love- Colette Negroni Men's Shirt Pattern

Let me preface that I do not sew often for men or boys. It's just not my favorite. It usually doesn't inspire me. But I LOVE the Colette Negroni Pattern and have made several of these shirts for my husband. And the best part is that HE loves them and wears them often.

The Negroni pattern is so well done. I found the perfect fit for my guy by cutting the pattern right in between the medium and large sizes. The directions are easy to follow and clear and your result will look professional. Even your husband will be proud to wear your work!

The boy versions of the shirts shown in the middle are made from the Oliver and S Sketchbook Shirt pattern, with added length because I have found that pattern is too short.

I love my boys and sometimes I love sewing for them!

Handmade Fabric Dollhouse

This is not a tutorial today but just sharing a huge project I made that might inspire you to make something similar. You don't want to miss this quick 1:30 minute video I made of a project that took hours and hours and hours and will be an heirloom for many years.

Making this dollhouse out of fabric was so satisfying. I used several different types of interfacing, including fusible fleece for the actual pages, and stuffing for the girls and pillows. Each page was like a fun little challenge that I got to figure out how I was going to put together. And I almost died from cuteness every step of the way.

I got the idea to make this one night and I laid in bed for hours thinking and thinking about the different pages and different parts to the house I wanted. Do some ideas ever do that to you? For the next week I created all my pages on Illustrator and Photoshop, using all free vectors found online for the furniture and accessories. I fit all my house pieces on a large 42in by 36in file to be printed out on Spoonflower. At this point the files looked like this...


I then got the files printed out on fabric. This usually takes a couple weeks from Spoonflower but I am always happy with the result. You can see and even print my pages yourself with the links below, although I do not have instructions to go with it on how to assemble it all...

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Remember, you need to print at the full yard size, have the repeat centered, and the DPI should be at 300 pixels an inch.

This dollhouse comes to church with us every Sunday and I hope will be something my daughter and even her children will treasure forever!

T-shirt Skirt Tutorial

I cannot think of an easier or quicker sewing project that you can wear than these T-shirt Skirts. In this video we went on a field trip to the thrift store to find some oversized t-shirts but you can also raid your closets to find a shirt that will make a truly unique skirt!

No pattern needed for this project!


an oversized t-shirt in good condition that isn't too thin or see-through (most the t-shirts we used were size XL)

1-inch elastic

Have fun with this project...they are so easy and addicting to make!

We also made this project out of plain white XL t-shirts we bought at the craft store, then tie-dyed, then followed the same steps in the video...

Disco Ball Pillow- FREE Pattern and Tutorial

Ah, ah, ah, ah, staying alive! Staying alive!

Our FREE pattern and tutorial today is to make these Disco Ball Pillows that are so perfectly cute to decorate your bed (and also to throw around :).

First, click below and print out the FREE pattern:

Materials you will need:

disco ball fabric (please see tips below on using this fabric!)


needle and thread

Tips for this project:

  • This fabric is really cool but it is not the easiest to work with! Because there is an adhesive in the fabric to attach the shiny mirror foils to the tulle, it can (and will) cause your needle to get sticky. I found that using a stretch needle is helpful.
  • If your needle is sticky, your stitches will start skipping and your thread might break. Change out your needle often and clean them with nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol, or scratch it off with your finger. Once the stickiness is gone the needles are still good to keep using!
  • If you have a walking foot...use it! A walking foot will feed both layers of fabric through evenly as you sew and it really helps with this slippy, sticky, funky fabric.

Why go through the trouble if the fabric is challenging?

Well because it's a disco ball pillow and is too cute!

Or, don't. Use a different kind of fabric and the FREE pattern to make any kind of ball. Maybe a pumpkin at Halloween? Use different bright solid colors to make it a beach ball!


Remember to share your project!

If you made something using one of our patterns and tutorials, please share and tag us @threadsewingschool. We would love to see!

Mermaid Tail Blanket- FREE Pattern and Tutorial

I'm sharing today one of our top sewing projects that my girls get most excited about!

What girl would not want to snuggle inside a mermaid tail?

First step is to print the FREE pattern for this project below:

Next, watch the video for all the how-to's!

We use flannel in our class for really soft tails, but quilting cotton works great too. You will also need to grab some batting.

And check out some of my beautiful sewing mermaids too...

Making the Dress: Belle

I do not need much of an excuse to sew for my kids. They are the reason I started sewing in the first place. So it's a no brainer when my almost four year old is having a Royal Tea Birthday Party with Princess Belle as a special guest that she would need her own Belle dress as well. Wanna see the time-lapse how I made it and how the four year old's dreams all came true?!

It's not a tutorial but something fun to watch!

There are definitely more beautiful and intricate Belle gowns out there but when it comes to dress ups, in our book they need to be comfortable and easy to put on and take off. Kendall changes in and out of dress up clothes all day long and ain't no one got the time to be doing the putting on and taking off for her! 

The dress was a huge hit and so was the party. I never want to forget it.

Fur Vest- FREE Pattern and Tutorial

It's Tutorial Tuesday! I love Tuesdays and uploading  another video that me and the girls worked hard at and had so much fun making.

We love making pillows and accessories but the excitement is REAL when the girls make actual garments that they are able to customize and wear according to their own style. This fur vest (or it could be any kind of vest, really) is the perfect first project to delve into garment sewing.

First step, print off the FREE vest pattern below that comes in sizes small through extra large.

Next, you will need to tape your pattern pieces together by joining at the half circles and cut out the size you need.

Small is for 26 inch chest.

Medium is for 27 inch chest.

Large is for 28 inch chest.

X-Large is for 30 inch chest.

Remember, this pattern is reversible so have fun with your outside and inside fabric choices!

We used this faux rabbit fur for the video, but have also made adorable denim vests with sewn on patches too that the girls LOVED.

As always, let us know if you tried our project! Share on social media and tag us at @threadsewingschool so we can see!

Pattern Love- Caroline Party Dress by Mouse House Creations

Another of our most favorite patterns is the Caroline Party Dress by Mouse House Creations. It is a great basic dress in itself that is perfect for beginners. The instructions and pictures are very clear and understandable and I really don't think you could fail. My students even sewed this dress and all of them installed their first zipper! 

You can see on that last picture how I customized the pattern a bit for my daughter's Christmas dress. I used an overlay of mesh fabric and added some gathered sleeves into the cap sleeves.

Don't miss out on this great pattern!

Frame Purse- FREE Pattern and Tutorial

It's Tuesday again! Time for another FREE sewing tutorial.

Besides being insanely cute, these frame purses are a great project for a beginning sewer and are the perfect size to hold all your tween's essentials. (Or your own, I'm not judging!)

This tutorial shows you how to make your own pattern if you would like to use a different purse frame. I will also link up all the materials and the FREE pattern used to make the exact purse in the video.

Materials used in this video:

purse frame

purse chain


fusible fleece (if your outer fabric is not a heavier weight fabric)

textile glue

FREE Pattern below:

Have fun and share with us what you make!

Post your purse on Instagram and tag us at @threadsewingschool . We would love to see!

Pattern Love- Boo Designs Sleeved Leotard

We try out a lot of patterns over here and on Fridays I'd like to highlight our very favorites that have been tried and true and used over and over.

First pattern I'd highly recommend... The Sleeved Leotard by Boo Designs .

I just love this pattern! It is the perfect leotard with lots of sleeve options. I can't vouch for any of the other sleeves though because the short sleeves are too perfect and are all I want to use.

Below you can see some of the ways we have used the pattern. Just the basic leo with short sleeves, a leo with an attached circle skirt, and my students have even made ballet dresses using the top portion of the pattern.

Another use for this pattern could be to make a swim rash guard top with separate bottoms!

It comes in a wide size range of 2-14 and I have each and every size cut out, placed in a page protector, and held in it's own binder. That's how much I love this pattern!

Slippers! FREE Pattern and Tutorial

It's a new video tutorial! This one is such a fun project and great for beginners. It's always a winner when you can actually wear and use what you made!

First you will need to print out the FREE pattern below, assemble it by matching up the two half circles on the Slipper Main pieces, and cutting out which size you want!

Print the FREE pattern right here!

Print the FREE pattern right here!

How do you know which size to use?

Stand on a piece of paper, draw a line at your toes and a line at your heels, then measure the length of your foot. 

The size Small slipper has a finished length of about 9 inches.

The size Medium slipper has a finished length of about 10 inches.

The size Large slipper has a finished length of about 11 inches.

Choose the size that is long enough to fit your foot! If you need to make the slipper shorter or longer, before you join your Slipper Main pieces at the half circles, add or subtract length in the center portion of the pattern. The Slipper Top piece should remain the same.

Materials you will need:

flannel or quilting cotton

non-slip fabric (for the bottom of the slipper)


Have fun!

Share your new slips on Instagram and tag @threadsewingschool so we can see!

Reversible Sequin Pineapple Pillow Tutorial

It's uploaded and live! This is the first of many sewing tutorial videos coming. Me and my sewing girls are having so much fun putting these videos together! I'm excited to share some of the great projects we do here in class with everyone else.

First project is this fun pineapple pillow that can be made with any non-stretch fabric, but I highly recommend the reversible sequins. All the instructions are found in the video and you can find the FREE pattern here:

Pineapple Pillow Template

Pineapple Pillow Template

You will also need:

gold reversible sequin fabric (I got mine at Hobby Lobby, but you can also find some at Joann's, Amazon, or Etsy)

green felt


needle and thread

new sharp sewing machine needles (we broke a bunch of needles sewing through the sequins so have extra!)


Have fun and let me know what you think!

Brand New Website


Well I feel like lighting up the disco dance floor as I am pulling this website together and putting finishing touches on my tutorial videos! I want to share all that goes on around here at Thread Sewing School because we live for creating and want to share that love with you. Stay tuned tomorrow for our first ever sewing tutorial video!