Pattern Love- Boo Designs Sleeved Leotard

We try out a lot of patterns over here and on Fridays I'd like to highlight our very favorites that have been tried and true and used over and over.

First pattern I'd highly recommend... The Sleeved Leotard by Boo Designs .

I just love this pattern! It is the perfect leotard with lots of sleeve options. I can't vouch for any of the other sleeves though because the short sleeves are too perfect and are all I want to use.

Below you can see some of the ways we have used the pattern. Just the basic leo with short sleeves, a leo with an attached circle skirt, and my students have even made ballet dresses using the top portion of the pattern.

Another use for this pattern could be to make a swim rash guard top with separate bottoms!

It comes in a wide size range of 2-14 and I have each and every size cut out, placed in a page protector, and held in it's own binder. That's how much I love this pattern!