Disco Ball Pillow- FREE Pattern and Tutorial

Ah, ah, ah, ah, staying alive! Staying alive!

Our FREE pattern and tutorial today is to make these Disco Ball Pillows that are so perfectly cute to decorate your bed (and also to throw around :).

First, click below and print out the FREE pattern:

Materials you will need:

disco ball fabric (please see tips below on using this fabric!)


needle and thread

Tips for this project:

  • This fabric is really cool but it is not the easiest to work with! Because there is an adhesive in the fabric to attach the shiny mirror foils to the tulle, it can (and will) cause your needle to get sticky. I found that using a stretch needle is helpful.
  • If your needle is sticky, your stitches will start skipping and your thread might break. Change out your needle often and clean them with nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol, or scratch it off with your finger. Once the stickiness is gone the needles are still good to keep using!
  • If you have a walking foot...use it! A walking foot will feed both layers of fabric through evenly as you sew and it really helps with this slippy, sticky, funky fabric.

Why go through the trouble if the fabric is challenging?

Well because it's a disco ball pillow and is too cute!

Or, don't. Use a different kind of fabric and the FREE pattern to make any kind of ball. Maybe a pumpkin at Halloween? Use different bright solid colors to make it a beach ball!


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