Handmade Fabric Dollhouse

This is not a tutorial today but just sharing a huge project I made that might inspire you to make something similar. You don't want to miss this quick 1:30 minute video I made of a project that took hours and hours and hours and will be an heirloom for many years.

Making this dollhouse out of fabric was so satisfying. I used several different types of interfacing, including fusible fleece for the actual pages, and stuffing for the girls and pillows. Each page was like a fun little challenge that I got to figure out how I was going to put together. And I almost died from cuteness every step of the way.

I got the idea to make this one night and I laid in bed for hours thinking and thinking about the different pages and different parts to the house I wanted. Do some ideas ever do that to you? For the next week I created all my pages on Illustrator and Photoshop, using all free vectors found online for the furniture and accessories. I fit all my house pieces on a large 42in by 36in file to be printed out on Spoonflower. At this point the files looked like this...


I then got the files printed out on fabric. This usually takes a couple weeks from Spoonflower but I am always happy with the result. You can see and even print my pages yourself with the links below, although I do not have instructions to go with it on how to assemble it all...

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Remember, you need to print at the full yard size, have the repeat centered, and the DPI should be at 300 pixels an inch.

This dollhouse comes to church with us every Sunday and I hope will be something my daughter and even her children will treasure forever!