Making the Dress: Belle

I do not need much of an excuse to sew for my kids. They are the reason I started sewing in the first place. So it's a no brainer when my almost four year old is having a Royal Tea Birthday Party with Princess Belle as a special guest that she would need her own Belle dress as well. Wanna see the time-lapse how I made it and how the four year old's dreams all came true?!

It's not a tutorial but something fun to watch!

There are definitely more beautiful and intricate Belle gowns out there but when it comes to dress ups, in our book they need to be comfortable and easy to put on and take off. Kendall changes in and out of dress up clothes all day long and ain't no one got the time to be doing the putting on and taking off for her! 

The dress was a huge hit and so was the party. I never want to forget it.