Swimsuit Sewing 101

This is the year that you are finally going to make all those swimsuits for summer! And if you're feeling unsure if you can, this course is for you!

In Swimsuit Sewing 101, I break down the process of sewing a swimsuit into five steps. I have made hundreds of swimsuits in my lifetime, many I sold and many (probably too many) I've made for my girls and myself. I love that once you get the hang of sewing a swimsuit, it becomes a relatively quick project using a small amount of fabric. And once you get the basics down, you can get more creative with different two-piece option, frills, ruffles, high waists, and much more!


The best part, I'm sharing my tried and true girl's one piece pattern, the Poolside Swimsuit, with my sewing community for FREE. It comes in girl's sizes 2-12 and is a great base pattern to start your swimsuit sewing adventure. Just subscribe to my mailing list and the pattern will automatically be sent straight to your inbox. Not sure where to subscribe? Here's a spot...

Included with the pattern are basic sewing instructions, but I highly recommend that beginners watch the Swimsuit Sewing 101 Video Tutorial (at top of post) to give you more in-depth direction. Especially the section on attaching elastic (Step Four) as I show you an easy and straightforward way to do it. I've broken down the video into the five different steps that you will find in the pattern, although these steps are helpful to watch when sewing any pattern.



Where do you like to buy swimwear fabric?

Mood Fabrics has the best quality swimwear fabric called tricot. It is the softest, sturdiest, stretchiest, and so smooth to sew with. I can't praise it enough.

Spoonflower carries a Sport Lycra that is perfect for swimwear and is amazing quality. And of course Spoonflower's amazing choice of prints cannot be beat. This is the priciest option though ($32 a yard!)

The Fabric Fairy has so many great options and is much more reasonably priced! At this time they have over 400 swimwear fabrics to choose from.

Etsy also will have lots of options, price ranges, and unique finds.


Why are you sharing your pattern for FREE?

I debated about selling my swimsuit pattern but ultimately decided my goal at this time is to build a community. A community of kids who love to sew and of adults who love sewing for kids and themselves with a modern vibe. That's not to say that at some point in the future I won't sell any patterns.


Will you show us how to add extras and customize these suits? Also, what about women's suits?

I am currently planning out some extra courses to help take your swimsuit sewing beyond the 101 level. Like how to create two-pieces, add frills or ruffles, etc. The options are endless and so fun! I am also planning a course specifically for woman's suits too.


Where can I share what I've made?

It would absolutely make my day to be tagged and get to see your Poolside Swimsuits! You can tag us @threadsewingschool or #threadsewingschool or #poolsideswimsuit . I'd also love to feature you and your makes!


Are you sure I can sew a swimsuit?

YES! The slippery and stretchy swimwear fabric can seem daunting and attaching elastic may intimidate you, but try out this course and see if it doesn't boost your confidence and break down the steps easy enough for you. Also, all those girls in the photo above made their own suits so I'm pretty sure YOU CAN TOO!